Peace Conferencing

One of the ways we are bringing people together to empower and educate them in peace is through peace conferences. For peace conferencing, we typically use a dynamic, and powerful process called Open Space Technology(OST). In this process, rather than having prearranged speakers, OST allows participants to co-create the agenda and lead discussion topics which they have passion for. In this grassroots process, participants take personal and collective responsibility to identify issues and find opportunities within their organization or community to learn and build peace.

In these OST peace conferences(which can also be done online), participants self-organize into multiple breakout groups throughout the day and document what they discussed in the breakouts. By the end of the conference, there a full written report is created from all the discussion topics and available to the group. Click here to learn more about Open Space Technology.

To see the reports of past Rotarian peace conferences, go to the following pages:

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