Peace Plus: How?

     There are many ways a Peace Plus program could be organized and implemented. A unique aspect of Rotary International, as well as other service organizations, is that they are comprised of numerous clubs and districts around the world. Like for PolioPlus, these clubs and districts could join together and unite with a common vision to solve problems and reach goals.

     One of the first steps for a Peace Plus program would likely be to create a committee (similar to the Health, Hunger and Humanity Committee that eventually resulted in the PolioPlus program) to strategize and lay out the Peace Plus program. This would most likely involve defining the problem that needs to be solved, determining the cause of that problem, and then coming up with a solution to the problem and measurable goals.

     Some potential solutions or ideas for initiatives for a Peace Plus program include:

  • Supporting formal training and academic instruction for peace and peace-building at schools, colleges, universities, and other higher-education institutions
  • Supporing peace-building in regions and communities affected by conflicts
  • Collaborating with peace-focused intragovernmental or non-profit organizations to achieve program goals
  • Endorsing the United Nations Culture of Peace mandate within Rotary International / Rotary Clubs/ Districts
  • Hosting peace conferences worldwide to stimulate debate and action
  • Prioritizing peace-building and peace projects through Rotary’s Global Grants program
  • Developing and disseminating peace materials and curricula (can include, for example, course materials, brochures, videos, podcasts, newsletters, etc.)
  • Establishing academic chairs and lectureships
  • Establishing online courses/ learning communities
  • Providing scholarships/ bursaries/ fellowships / awards for education and scholastic achievements in peace studies
  • Establishing peace societies and similar institutions for building peace

     There are numerous possibilities for initiatives within a Peace Plus program, but perhaps the utmost priority is that of peace education. Looking to the famous UNESCO motto: “Since wars begin in the minds of men [and women], it is the minds of men [and women] that the defences of peace must be built,” we believe the most direct path to peace is through peace education.