Rotarian Peace Leaders’ Collaborative

The Rotarian Peace Leaders’ Collaborative is an idea and initiative inspired by Robert Stewart. It is an idea who’s time has come.

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Imagine Rotarians…

Imagine Rotarian’s everywhere joining together to collaborate on peace projects and education among themselves AND engaging with local leaders, community groups and organisations in dialogue and collaboration to develop cultures of peace.

  • Imagine Rotarians around the world inviting, engaging and empowering grassroots leaders in their local communities in peace dialogue and peace action.
  • Imagine Rotarians educating, mentoring and collaborating with peace leaders everywhere so that they are more effective and successful in their work and their passions for peace.
  • Imagine Rotarians collaborating with other peace leaders to develop a sustainable peace industry that shifts the world to a culture of peace from a culture of violence
  • Imagine a peace education and communication system (PEACE Platform) that interconnects thousands of peace leaders, organizations, and communities together, provides them with peace education, coaching and mentoring and helps them find the resources they need for their worthy peace projects.

This is what the Rotarian Peace Leaders’ Collaborative is all about and more!

For more information about the Rotarian Peace Leaders’ Collaborative, we invite you to purchase the following book available now as a PDF download. All proceeds from this book will go towards the development of this Peace leaders’ Collaborative intiative:

Book: Rotarian Peace Leaders Collabrative – A path to achieve our Rotary Mission, by Robert Stewart

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The purpose of this book is to find and further develop Peace Leaders and prospective Peace Leaders within Rotary (and ultimately within our communities) and to help them build peace at home and around the world. The intention is to help Rotary manifest the following:

  • A list of Rotarian Peace Leaders, peacebuilders and peace educators;
  • A Rotarian Strategic Plan for Peace, including a process for regular updating;
  • A Rotarian Peace Information System (a combination of Rotarian peace website, Wikipedia, Facebook, Linked-In, etc., to connect, inform and support;
  • A Rotarian Peace Toolkit, to educate and improve peace literacy; to raise peace consciousness levels;
  • A Rotarian Peace Plus Process and Program. A process to help in the creation of Community Culture of Peace programs around the world;
  • An initial Peace Fund of $10,000,000+ to support important peace programs;
  • With the support of partner agencies, an annual investment of $1 Billion+ for peace education around the world (this is the current amount being invested in the eradication of polio);
  • Regular meetings of peace-mandated Rotary International staff and Rotarian Peace Leaders, with the objective of achieving our Rotary Peace Mission;Creation of other peace programs, such as a Junior Peace Achievement, Life Skills, Peace Coaching.