• 2 million peace leaders, educators, and ambassadors around the world in 200 countries connecting and helping to build global peace and cooperation
  • 35,000+ organizations modelling a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence (that is the number of Rotary Clubs alone … now imagine other similar organizations motivated for building peace)
  • $1 billion and more annually invested in raising peace literacy and consciousness levels around the world
  • The leadership, management, and business acumen of millions brought to bear on building peace and extinguishing violence
  • Focusing our immense resources (human, technological, and financial) on the greatest hindrances to peace

The Goal:

To raise peace literacy and consciousness levels and transform the world from a culture of war and violence to a Culture of Peace, thereby significantly decreasing the incidences and costs of violence around the world.  In short: to bring lasting peace to the world.


Using a medical analogy, violence is a disease (which is actually much costlier in human and financial terms than any other).  We have the cure:  it is peace education.  By helping to provide and empower the world’s citizens with peace education and the resources to build peace, we can contribute to creating a fair, saner world and significantly reducing the incidence of war and violence once and for all.

The Rotarian Peace Leaders’ Collaborative – Click to learn more about this


Service clubs, such as Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, etc., have the opportunity, skills, and track record to lead this greatest of humanitarian causes.

” Peace is….Rotary”

Peace Is from Mozak Design on Vimeo.

Go Wage Peace, Not War

Rotary Video II from Mozak Design on Vimeo.



  • To create a more just world and lasting peace (in our homes, communities, countries, and throughout the world)
  • To significantly reduce the human cost and incidence of violence
  • To improve our success through right human relations and goodwill, raising Rotary to a higher level of “service above self” whereby humanity is served in the highest cause

Rotarian Peace Conferencing – 2016/17:

These two documents summarize the outcomes of three Rotarian peace gatherings held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in September 2016, virtually in April 2017, and in Parkdale /Portland Oregon, U.S.A. in May 2017 (and many meetings over the course of the year and a half since January 2016 to, and in preparation for, the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta Georgia, U.S.A. in June 2017):

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